The 10 Best Childrens apps for iPhone

With technology continually advancing and now being introduced and used as an aid in schools ive compiled a list of my favourite children’s Apps that I allow my children to use to help develop dexterity. Each app has a focused target area to advance a child’s learning in different aspects such as Maths Literacy and hand and eye coordination. In Addition I’ve tracked down approved  Wallet friendly  apps that are all under five 23660634_10159690179610014_352766166_opounds helping to keep your budgets in check with christmas fast approaching.

  • I Reward Chart £2.49 and is available on all major platforms. It tracks your childs behaviour following criteria you’ve set up allowing you to give virtual rewards.
  • Nighty Night HD £1.49 available on iPhones is a bedtime story app that houses a short story feature and allows your child to put different animals to bed and turn off the light letting them learn that its bedtime for all creatures great and small.
  • The famous five adventure game £2.99 is a game based on Enid Blytons Hit Book series and allows you to play as characters from the book (Julian,Dick,Anne,George and Timmy) as they attempt to solve mysteries.
  • Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds £4.99 helps children learn to read and write. It goes through the motions of teaching to recognise letters though sounding them out, seeing letter formations, Blending letters and sounds together for reading and identifying sounds in words for spelling.
  • AlphaBlocks Letter fun £1.99 is an app based off of the hit CBeebies programme ‘Alphablocks’. This app helps develop your childs Reading skills.It includes four mini games and over one hundred learning activities in total.
  • Little Fox Animal Doctor £3.99 is a roleplaying game where you attempt to treat ‘poorly’ animals. Perfect for any child/ren who are interested in animals. The game is  also great at encouraging kindness and curiosity as they learn through trial and error.
  • CBeebies Playtime App is a free to download. Cbeebies playtime app is easy to personalise enabling your child to play with their favourite tv characters. The App houses different mini games specifically for each character and programmes and is tailored around what your child enjoys.
  • Preschool Zoo Puzzles Zoolingo is a free app that helps teach your child how to Count,Match, Solve jigsaw puzzles and more, and is available in sixteen different languages.
  • 10 minutes a day Times Tables is free to download. 10 minutes a day times tables focuses on teaching your child their times tables in a fun and relatable game.
  • Toonia Colourbook is again free to download. Toonia Colourbook  turns your device into a virtual colouring book. It helps encourage your child to use and build their concentration skills, Motor skills and hand and eye coordination.

Apps are also great for when you are travelling with children to keep them amused on long journeys, for whatever reason youve branched into the big wild world of technology with your child i hope this list helped whatever ones you decided to download.

As always id love to hear your feedback on what you thought of the list and if you could add your own which ones would you choose?




Child Sling Review

After Jacobs surgery I needed to find a way of keeping his arm elevated and secure, being only two i scoured the internet in search of something age appropriate and that’s when I came across ChildSling.  Now i am challenging  you to find any sling suitable for tots on the high street i can almost guarantee  you will not find anything. Until you end up with a child in an arm cast this  mere oversight is something you would never come across but when your put in the position of desperately needing one,this product gave me my sanity back.

Child Sling is a very Simplistic idea with functional abilities. It’s a family run business making it easy to get in touch with the creator if you have any additional sizing questions or Custom fabric requests. Child Sling has children’s wants and needs at its core while never compromising with quality. This product makes life a little more bearable while going through the ordeal of having a child in a cast whether that be from an operation like Jacob or from an accident at home.

I remember sitting in the car on the way home from Jacobs first operation paranoid and vulnerable wondering how id ever keep his arm elevated after being told the only way to reduce his risks for compartment syndrome was to keep his arm higher than the rest of his body. I came across the ChildSling website and quickly typed out an email to ChildSlings Owner Tracey asking her if she could size up Jacobs arm using a picture as I didn’t have a tape measure to hand and that’s exactly what she did. She replied almost instantly with a sling that fitted Jacob perfectly which I then went on to purchase, it was sent out via next day delivery which meant i had it in my hands by 1pm the following day.


Child (and tots) Sling Features:

  • Custom designed fabric of choice
  • Reversible Fleece Lining
  • Comfort Adjustable Neck strap
  • Free Fleece Sleeve to go over the neck strap for comfort
  • Webbing Band to secure arm in sling
  • Baby Design available with extra waist strap
  • Easy to Wash by hand


History and Origin of ChildSling

I couldn’t find anything for my twins when they fractured their arms within two weeks of each other. They we miserable uncomfortable and didn’t want to go to school almost embarrassed that it had happened.A child is in a big white hospital sling and every person they meet greats them with’Oh dear what have ‘you’ done?’ My children felt like they did something wrong to make this happen and it quickly had a negative affect on them both.I saw my daughter shrink away wanting to 22447669_10159541413460014_1530301758_nhide.My thinking cap came on at thats when i taught myself how to make ChildSlings. My Children were greeted with ‘Wow what a fantastic sling’. They were proud to show them off and therefore the injury/operation was mentioned as a secondonary subject and not as a blame, turning the experience back into a Positive moment.My twins could not wait to get to school to show them off.I started making slings for a few children that we met in the waiting room at fracture clinic (we were there a lot between the two of them) Children we encountered sat there admiring my children’s slings while they were trying to sit and hide their less appealing hospital sling. Each time we were at appointments the more parents would ask where I’d purchased the slings from, after confessing I made them myself and the fact they weren’t so widely available the disappointment in the air was hard to hide from. Being the compassionate person i am, i vowed to make each child we met their own sling as i jotted down their address in passing and not even once did i go back on my word. So that’s how Childsling started and I’m still here now making slings nearly 7 years later! —Tracey Basta, Child Sling.

ChildSlings Start at £12.99 and slightly increase in price if it’s a custom order or a larger sling. Price wise I believe it’s a very reasonable price range for an organic home run business. I would without a doubt recommend these Slings to any Tot Child or Teen suffering from Sprains, broken/fractured upper limbs or problematic arm injuries. If anyone would like to purchase a sling then click here which will send you directly over to Childsling Online shop. If you purchase one let ChildSling know I sent you! 

A Special Donation of Slings has been made on behalf of Tracey from ChildSling and a donation from myself and has been gifted to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital London on Wednesday 18th October 2017  for children like Jacob who are going through surgery for Genetic Abnormalities of the upper limbs.




Mountain Buggy Nano Unboxing and Full Review

Today we have the super exciting Mountain Buggy Nano to review for you.


After changing my car to something a little smaller and updated I found myself in desperate need of a new Pushchair. It was essential to me that it’s fold was compact  and could still accommodate an older baby with comfort and most importantly safety at its core.

On my search for a small folding buggy I came across the Nuna luxx Pushchair which we found beautifully made, sturdy and very reasonably priced however  it wasn’t compact enough to fit in my boot (  for reference i have a Ford Bmax Ecosport which has a trunk size similar to a ford fiesta) without taking up the whole thing so i researched a bit more and came across the Mountain buggy nano.

Now the Nano retails between £229-£249 depending on which retailer you decide to purchase from and is available in Black, blue (nautical) and red (ruby)

Mountain Buggy nano promises a Lightweight design at 5.9kg which incorporates a compact size when folded, this lightweight travel stroller can easily fit into many carry-on luggage overhead stows for planes, trains and cars, making traveling with your baby easier and much more convenient as it includes a shoulder carry bag included in the box.

Mountain Buggy Nano is suitable from birth with the added addition of the mountain buggy cocoon that is available to purchase separately. The Mountain Buggy Nano holds a max weight of 20kg (44lbs) which should average you at around 4 years of age.

Features and specifications of the Mountain Buggy Nano

  • Lightweight (13lbs)
  • Compact Fold – height: 51cm / 20″,depth: 30cm / 12″, width 54cm / 22″( with wheels attached )  46cm / 18″ (without wheels)
  • Extendable sun canopy with mesh window when in recline mode
  • Multi recline
  • Adjustable leg rest with foot bar
  • 4 point safety harness with two hand unlock so child can’t undo the harness
  • Inbuilt car seat adapters
  • Lockable straight or swivel wheels
  • Inbuilt rear suspension
  • Puncture proof EVA wheels
  • Spacious dipped basket
  • Carry bag included


Now the Mountain Buggy Nano really is compact, I put it next to my regular sized handbag for a comparison and I was astounded  how they sized up next to one another. The same bag pictured below also fits in the basket which should give you a guide on what kind of changing bag you could store underneath. For such a compact fold it features such a roomy seat with plenty of head room perfect for a growing child to get you through the years and stages.


To fold the Nano you do need both hands so that is worth baring in mind if you do travel on public transport especially  with a younger child and need to pop it away. To fold you click two buttons either side of the hood and the top half of the frame folds over, you then squeeze the middle part together with two hands and then it folds into itself and secures itself with an auto lock system.

Mountain Buggy nano features a 5 point safety harness which individually clips together, I personally found it So much easier than others where you have to clip two pieces together first and then clunk them in for example; The one featured on the Nano  is super straight forward another bonus is its easy to adjust the length of the straps which is helpful when you’re in a rush.

The Hood is pretty average sized and it does lean against your hands when holding onto the bar if it’s folded up, I cant lie i have used Pushchairs with larger hoods but it does the job and with the Nano being so small you have to be open to compromise.

Recline on the nano is good, easy pull system and has 3 recline postions, i found it easy to put down but slightly harder to get back up with the weight of the child against it but again its a very minor niggle i wanted to mention. The Nano has a ventilation mesh opening secured by velcro when in recline mode, I think this is such a good idea yet super simplistic and cant wait for the weather to warm up to test it out fully. The Nano also has an adjustable footrest perfect for growing and tired legs.

My final thoughts on the Nano is that it is very much an urban families dream with such small fold and one-handed push you could whizz up and down the streets easily. If you’re a family who goes on many outdoor expeditions then im not sure if the tiny wheels could keep up with all terrain on a frequent basis. For my family personally this is just what we needed and i think we would struggle to find another Buggy or Pushchair that can compete with the features the nano has to offer. One minor niggle that frustrates me more than it probably should is the fact the Nano comes WITHOUT a  raincover, the company have included special touches such as a carry bag yet lack one of the most universal item that is standard with most higher end buggies, so please address this in a future update as ive been caught in the rain on a few occasions now and am yet to purchase a raincover separately.

Apart from that we have really Loved Reviewing and testing out the Mountain Buggy Nano for you all.If you have anymore questions or ive left something unanswered please leave us a comment or get in touch via one of our other social media outlets, and do let me know if you have found anything that could give the Nano a run for its money.

Thanks for Reading,



*Disclaimer the review of the Mountain Buggy Nano is Solely mine at and has not been influenced in any manner*©®

Silver cross Pop Unboxing and Review

Hurray today I have something a little different for you! Jacob is fifteen months, so i thought now would be a good time to think about changing him over from a travel system  to something a bit more lightweight; and with Frankie starting Nursery school in September i thought the both could go hand in hand.


Below I’ve listed a few of the main features the pop has to offer:

  • Suitable From Birth with a lie flat recline
  • Max Weight of 25kg which should facilitate you right up until your child is in school
  • One hand Fold ( do need two for opening though)
  • Carry handle
  • Compact Umbrella Fold
  • Full five point safety harness to keep baby safe
  • Extendable Hood with Mesh vented system
  • Roomy seats and Tall backs with good amount of padding to seat
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Unfolded Dimensions: D80xW49xH107cm
  • Folded Dimensions: H105xW28xD27cm
  • Stroller weight: 8.3kg

To get this Buggy assembled and up and out the door really does only take a few minutes, You Clip the wheels on and attach the hood and your ready to go, so if your like me and always rushing off then it will be ‘perfect’ from the moment it arrives at your door.


Now some of you may be wondering Why i picked this pram?

Since having Frankie i have had numerous amounts of Pushchairs and buggies. Between baby bags and Pushchairs i think its safe to say I’ve found my niche. What made me decide on the Silvercross Pop was the Maximum weight capacity. At 25kg ( 55pounds) i know whole heartedly that this will last Jacob well into Four years plus. As Jacob has Arthrogroposis multiplex Congenita i am aware that he probably won’t walk for a while longer yet and when he does master walking he will most probably tire easily so it was essential i had a buggy that could take me through the years. Below i have pictured my tall 3 year old in the silvercross pop and Jacob to show how versitile it really can be.

Where did i buy this Pram?

I purchased my silver cross pop from as it was currently on offer for a discounted price of £120. Another factor that steered me towards buying from boots were the Advantage card points i would gain by purchasing  and i did have a bonus £8  of added points code so i really am saving money in the long run.

Whats included?

If you choose to buy the pushchair from boots i am pretty certain what comes in the box is as standard however if this is the selling point for you make sure you double-check with your retailer. So in the box i had the silver cross pop buggy, the detachable hood,rain cover and an instruction manual.

Optional Extras?

This pushchair/buggy is not carrycot compatible so no added seats are available to purchase, another thing to mention is Personally i would have liked the option to purchase a bumper bar however this is currently not available for this specific pushchair. There are on the other hand plenty of added extras you can buy for this pushchair such as a  colour coordinating footmuff, parasol,cup holder, coordinating changing bag, buggy sail and matching fleece blanket so i will leave the link to all those extras here

Overall Impression?

So far so good, The Silvercross Pop really is lightweight and nimble to push and is super fast to get up and out of the boot when I’m on my own with both boys, i see it lasting us for the next few years to come ( thats hoping i don’t get bored and change again.. whoops.)  I am  missing the luxury of a large shopping basket that you tend to get with bigger pushchairs and i find the hood a bit noisy with a sleeping baby,  though be that as it may the pros defiantly outweigh the few minor niggles i have.

I hope this post has been useful and answered some questions you may have on the silver cross pop, leave me a comment in the section below on what you thought of this pushchair.

Thanks for reading,



*DISCLAIMER this pushchair has been purchased by myself and my opinions are solely mine and have not been influenced in any manner*

Coco Bow ‘Dawn’ by Motherknot Review

 Cocobow are an  Award Winning company who create Real Leather changing bags. The designer Katie,  is a mother of two which enabled her to create exactly what parents need in a changing bag all while keeping the quality and design at its core.

With that in mind i have the highly anticipated Dawn bag to review by Motherknot-Cocobow. The bag comes in two Designs, ‘Dawn‘ a Classic tan  and ‘Aalin’a Light Grey, Both are made from luxurious top grade Cowhide leather.



Main Features of the Bag:

  • Dustbag for storing
  • Long extendable Shoulder Strap
  • Four large expandable pockets and internal zip
  • Generous  zipped pocket on the backside of the bag
  • Removable lining
  • Travel Changing mat sporting the Motherknot Logo to match the interior of the bag
  • Studded Bottom to protect the bag when placing it on the floor
  • Stroller Straps
  • Mother knot Bag Tag in leather
  • Twist Lock closing buckle

Dimensions: 38W x 29H x 12 D

Dawn’ really does speak for itself in terms of quality and this is coming from a Mummy bag’oholic as this must be at least my fifth or sixth try at finding the ‘perfect one’. The Motherknot collection is a Show stopper for sure and you will have to get used to the undivided attention it gets from passes by while your out. With a Brood of two13224339_10156963798960014_1040957828_o young children, i needed a bag that could provide the space for me to carry their essentials in all while dodging the clunky  ‘overmumsy’ look ,for me this bag ticks all the boxes.    The removable lining is probably my favourite feature this bag has as it  means i can whip it out and leave it at home if I’m running errands, but still have use of this super stylish bag without anyone even knowing that its main purpose is a changing bag.

The step up this bag brings is the stunning Motherknot Logo interior and matching changing bag. I love the meaning behind the design which  represents the  Celtic symbol of Motherhood, Two hearts entwined with no beginning and no end, shows the unbreakable bond between Mother and Child, it truly is more than just an elegant bag.




The Lovely people at COCOBOW have Given you, my readers £10 off ANY cocobow bag using the code PAIGE10 so i suggest you go and have a peep over at their website by clicking here. Dawn retails at £249 however if you put this into perspective of daily use for not only your childs younger years but the additional years of use as a handbag it provides then the price is without a doubt justifiable.

Thats all from me now but i just want to say a big Thanks to COCOBOW for sending me ‘dawn’ to review and to you my lovely Readers.



SafeSip Review

SafeSip kindly sent us at PaigeLouxox  a set of SafeSip covers for us to try out.

SafeSip is a Revolutionary invention that Fits any Drinking Vessel Preventing and stopping spills. Safe Sip is suitable for everyone, from children on the go to the elderly that need the added security helping keep their independence. Safe Sip is available in a wide range of colours to suite you and your child’s personality and retails from just £4. Its design is multi functioning in the fact it is dishwasher/Microwave and freezer suitable, making it perfect for use with both Warm and Cold drinks such as  an ice-cold water or a warm hot chocolate. SafeSip is designed to fit both single and double handled mugs. It is also one hundred percent BPA free and is made out of Food Grade Silicone.

I think this product would be perfect for Jacob in the future to help him drink independently from open mouth cups, as Jacob has Arthrogroposis in his upper limbs his coordination of getting ‘cup to mouth’ is greatly strained but with use of the SafeSip Cover it will again prevent spillage if the cup is dropped.

For the purpose of this review I have been trialling it on my elder son Frankie-George just to see how much use a general family could get out of it.

he insisted on the Double Straw

What i love about this product is how compact and easy it is just to pop into my bag and take out with us on the go. SafeSip really speaks for itself in how simple but effective the product really is and it honestly does completely stop spills just like it was invented to do. There are two holes on the top of the SafeSip cover, You pop a straw in one and the other acts as a vent so the gases can pass through which enables you to attach fizzy drinks . My only Niggle  i have  found with using the SafeSip would be the fact that it doesn’t come with portable straws and i have found myself searching the house for some on several occasions; another idea would be to add  a SafeSip travel pouch so it stays germ free when it’s in your bag.

PaigeLouxox defiantly recommends SafeSip to everyone but especially families with young children and for the price I think it should become a staple in every bag or kitchen drawer.

They are sold directly from please click on the link  to view them.

Any questions unanswered then please leave us a comment as always.

Thanks for reading,

Disclaimer- This product was sent to me for free but the review and opinion is solely mine.©


Sleepyhead Grand Bed Guard Review has been lucky enough to receive a Sleepyhead Grand bed guard ( in Chevron) to test and review.

Jacob and His Sleepyhead Grand Pod in Chevron looking rather excited to try it out.

as you all know last year I reviewed the Sleepyhead deluxe and i couldn’t contain my excitement when its larger ‘sibling’  arrived at my door. The Concept of this product is simple but it’s not to be  undermined.

The Sleepyhead Grand Retails at £149-£159 dependant on which cover you choose and is available from John Lewis and the Sleepyhead website direct,although the Sleepyhead website is currently being revamped and will be relaunched April 8th 2016 . The Sleepyhead Grand  is suitable from eight to thirty-six months, so this was perfect for Jacob to try out at just twelve months.

‘The Sleepyhead Grand like its smaller sibling,  is a patented award-winning Swedish design and innovation ( fully EU and U.S. Tested an approved.)  The Sleepyhead sleeping pod is hygienic,it is anti dust mite and anti fungal with added antibacterial properties.The Sleepyhead Grand is designed with children’s safety at its core shown in its design which includes, a child safe buckle opening to create extra leg room to accommodate your forever growing child, a removable airflow mattress and bumper that is fully washable. The Sleepyhead Grand is also durable and lightweight meaning transportation is not a problem when using the carry handle that is attached to the pod.

Now you may wonder how this is a cost-effective product for an older child of eight months so let me give you an insight into our Love for the Sleepyhead Grand. The main thing with any bedtime product is establishing a bedtime routine. In general a routine can take around a week to start becoming effective, stay with it and you will be glad you did. Now my personal experience with Jacob is that he wakes at night for the comfort of my arms to cuddle him, so in theory the Sleepyhead replaces my arms by snuggling him with the boarders of the pod. The first night we tested the Grand pod out he slept all night completely undisturbed. Over the past few nights he has started to figure out that I’m not actually in the room and he will stir, however by maintaining the routine i have full faith that the Sleepyhead Grand Pod will continue to be the Staple in our bedtime routine.

Sweet Sleepyhead Dreams
Please click on the links inserted above if you would like to purchase, and if there are any particular questions you would like me to answer then feel free to comment below as always.

Thanks for reading,

*Disclaimer- This product was sent to me from Sleepyhead  for an honest and open review, All opinions based on this review our mine exclusively and have not been influenced in any form.*©®

Sleepytot Lamb Comforter 

Here we have been sent the beautifully crafted ‘Sleepytot’ lamb in large.

The lamb is the second generation comforter by ‘Sleepytot’ which has been well awaited after the success of the brands original bunny comforter ( available in grey, cream, blue and pink.)
Some generic facts on the lamb comforter are as followed

  • RRP £11.49 (small) and £14.99 (large)
  • Suitable from birth.
  • Available in both small and large guided sizing dimensions are as followed w19cm by h19cm and w22cm by h25cm.
  • Only available in cream colour at this time
  • Velcro paws for holding onto pacifiers, cot bars and buggies.
  • Fully machine washable at 30degrees.
  •  Adapters available for use with ringless dummies ( sold separately)

Our ‘Sleepytot’ lamb arrived in it’s lovely box with a rope tie handle to finish. The outside is printed with different uses for your ‘Sleepytot’ which I found a massive plus as a great packaging can give you such a premium feel.

The lamb comforter is incredibly soft to the touch and so gentle next to your child’s skin, this has been massive hit with my youngest son Jacob.

Now to mention the lambs super cool pacifier/dummies holding skills. This is one of the biggest selling points in my opinion as they’re are not many readily available soft toy dummie holders on the current market. It is such a massive comfort knowing that Jacob will always have his dummy to hand when I can see His Lamb around. Jacob uses ringless dummies so we were sent the adapters ( available to purchase separately) which simply slide through the lambs paws and then you clip your dummy through the adapter hoop ( pictured below).

Now the website states that the lamb can potentially hold onto cot bars and car seats, unfortunately we are yet to find any of ours that his paws can wrap around which is a bit of a shame, however this has already been addressed on their website giving you the option of using D Rings to attach it with.

I do however have to comment on sizing. We were sent the Large version of the comforter but for Reviewing purposes I purchased the small bunny comforter seperatly.  I have shown a side by side comparision below and in my opinion I would only recommend you purchasing of the large unless your child was born prematurely as in my opinion it’s likely your child would outgrow the small within a few weeks.

Overall both Jacob and I are very impressed with this product. It’s without question beautifully made, but also has the parents interests at its fore front with the handy uses of being able to hold dummies. I would love to see future improvements to the lengths of the arms just so it could cover a wider range of car seat/cot holding abilities, however I’m not aware of the current health and saftey regulations regarding this matter.  

The lamb comforter is available now to purchase, or if you would prefer to browse sleepy tots website click here.

Thanks for reading


*Disclaimer*The ‘Sleepytot’ Lamb comforter was sent to me for the purpose of a honest and open review. we were not otherwise Paid for our thoughts and opinions on this product*

Unboxing Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT

As a self admitted addict to all things Prams and Pushchairs it was without question that somehow the new mamas and papas armadillo flip xt would arrive at my door. The Armadillo Flip XT arrived this morning as i sat eagerly awaiting its arrival, i almost hugged the delivery guy when he turned up at 10am ( hurrah to early morning deliveries!;) Thankfully Jacob was playing happily in his Jumperoo and Frankie loves helping so i do admit i opened it as soon as i got it through the door..

Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT is the newest Upgrade to the Armadillo Family and the most stylish in my opinion. It is Available in Navy ( my Choice), Teal Tide, Mulberry, Sand Dune, Black Jack and a Special Edition Liberty ( this one does come with a heftier price tag.)

Pram Photoshop ‘woop woop’


Here’s how it all arrived boxed nicely, now to find a way of getting everything out without the help of some else was a bit tricky thankfully with a little help from a weirdly angled leg we managed to get everything out.

Included here – main frame seat, two big wheels, the small front wheels ( tucked into the seat) the brake and the rain cover.

Now the assembly, Attach the brake ( Check)√ click in all the wheels (Check)√ unfold pram or should i say unflip? (check)√.  There was the situation of popping the basket out and pulling part of it over the brake wire which i found incredibly difficult for some reason but managed it eventually so (Check)√

Here is the Armadillo Flip XT fully assembled

excuse the mess

First impressions of the Armadillo Flip XT is that is very luxurious, i love the foam quilted seat and i do have to admit I’m also an admirer of the leatherette handle.

I will list A few bits of information on the Armadillo flip XT below  but will Review in-depth once we have had chance to fully use it

  • Suitable from Birth as it has a full recline
  • Rear and Forward Facing
  • Adjustable Footrest and handle
  • Large Canopy with peekaboo window
  • Larger wheels good for handling Denser Terrain
  • Small Flip and Fold ( Fits in my Ford Fiesta 55 plate boot)
  • 5 point harness
  • Tether strap on handle

Here is Little Jacob sat in it ( 7 months) and i can also add his older brother ( 2 and a half) sat in it also and had plenty of ‘Wiggle Room’.


I have added a link here if you are interested in purchasing the armadillo flip xt they currently retail for around £475 but keep your eyes out for deals over the christmas period, it is available in several large stockists so have a shop around.

if you have any questions you would like covered in the main review please send me a message or comment below and il be sure to answer them.

Thanks for reading my loves xox

*DISCLAIMER i was not paid to review this item it was bought by myself solely for my own use and review (written with a groggy baby on my lap who’s favourite pastime seems to be attacking the keyboard so apologies in advance if any basis weren’t covered)*

Sleepyhead Deluxe Bed Guard Review

Here I will review the Sleepyhead bed guard. This product retails at £99 and as available from John Lewis, to purchase please click here

The sleepyhead sleep positioner is available in two sizes 0-8 months and a grand version which is suitable from 8-36months.

Here Is the sleepyhead bed guard in the 0-8 months version with the Toile de Jouy cover on it which costs an additional £42.50, again available from John Lewis.      The sleepyhead is a patented award-winning Swedish design and innovation ( fully EU and U.S. Tested an approved)  with plenty of exchangeable covers manufactured in Europe. The sleepyhead is hygienic,it is anti dust mite and anti fungal with antibacterial properties.The sleepyhead is designed with child safety at its core shown in its design which includes a child safe buckle opening to create extra leg room to accomodate your forever growing child; it also includes a removable airflow mattress and bumper that is fully washable, durable and lightweight.     Now, from a mother of twos perspective this is most definitely  high up on my list of holy grail baby items. I never had this with my eldest and boy I wish that I did. My youngest being born at 5lbs needed the security of the womb and I find this product does exactly that to keep him cuddled up and feeling secure. I can say without a doubt that it improved his sleeping habits from the first night that we used this as he would self startle and wake himself up. What I also love about this product is that it’s incredibly portable, with its side carry handle it is easily transported from room to room, making it a perfect sleeping aid to take with us wherever we go whether it’s a night at my parents or a night away, I can feel completely safe with co sleeping with him when he is in his sleepyhead needing to state that it is placed on top of the duvet and in the middle of the bed.

Yes I do think that the price is a little steep but when you compare this to similar products they either don’t last as long or are not suitable for overnight sleeping.

I hope this helps out any parents who are currently struggling with a startling clingy newborn or a parent to be planning your baby essentials.

Thanks for reading,



*DISCLAIMER- This item was not sent to me, it was purchased by myself for a non sponsored review, this is just my opinion of the product*