My Favourite High End Skincare Products Autumn/Winter’17 Edition.

Although my blog tends to focus on the parenting side of life, my two are starting to grow a little more and it got me thinking that Today would be the perfect time to start posting topics a little bit more universal that is relatable to us as People and not just ‘parents.’ Now i just want to add this doesn’t mean my parenting posts and reviews are going to end, I’m just excited to be able to share a little more with you.

To start  I thought id share with you my favourite  Skincare products  that help me feel a bit more human. I’ve always been a stickler with my morning and evening skincare routine after suffering with sensitive and hormonal skin since my teens. My Favourite time of the day is once my makeups removed and I’ve settled down for the night bare-faced and relaxed with a glass of bubbles (although its more likely to be a steaming mug of coffee now winters well on its way.)

Below is a list of my go to High End Skincare products:

For reference my skin is Combination and slightly Dehydrated



Makeup Remover Clinique take the day off cleansing balm (£23.00)

An emulsifying milky balm that removes even waterproof makeup.

Cleanser- Kiehl’s Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash (£24.00-250ml)

A Cooling foaming face wash that balances and refreshes skin.

Facial Exfoliator- Kiehls Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub (£24.00)

A Natural face scrub that removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates skin.

Toner- Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner (£34.50- 250ml)

Cleanses and soothes skin.

Facial Mask- Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask (£23.50)along side Calendula and Aloe Soothing mask (£43.50)

Rare earth deep pore cleansing mask gets rid of debris and dead surface skin-cell accumulation which leaves skin refined and pores minimised.

Calendula and Aloe soothing mask Cools, Hydrates and refreshes upon application instantly achieving revitalised skin.

Serum- Farsali Unicorn Essence (£50.00)

An oil-free elixir that is brimming with super fruits that help solve a catalogue of common complexion concerns and allows you prime your skin before makeup application.

Moisturizer Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (£30.00 125ml)

Softens, smooths and improves skin texture and condition.

Evening Oil- Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil (£49.50-50ml)

Restores skins healthy appearance overnight resulting in a more radiant and smooth complexion.

Eye Cream- Kiehls Creamy Eye treatment with Avocado (£34.00)

Gently moisturizes and hydrates eye area.

Blemish Remedy- Clinique Anti Blemish solutions (£21.00)

Starts clearing blemishes upon application and helps prevent new blemish occurring.

Lip Prep- Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate (£38.00)

Boosts lip volume,delivers suppleness, and leaves a natural rouge on the lips after completing  twice a day use for a 30 day period and then once a day for maintained results.


Now I know most of the products mentioned above are from the same brand however I’ve found they do work particularly well for me at the moment. While my skins agreeing with one brand I try to keep with the same line as to not irritate or confuse my skin. I go between these and some staples i have which are more affordable and available from most known high street stores and/or Online which i will share with you next week. I’ve included the links so if any of you fancy looking into any particular product then all the info is alongside and above.

Please let me know in the comments if this post is something you’d like to see in the future, thanks for reading as always.



*Not a paid or biased review, everything was purchased soley by myself*


Coco Bow Mum on the Run Bag

I recently reviewed ‘Dawn’(here) another of Coco Bow’s Changing bags and instantly fell in love with the quality and style and wondered if i would ever find another Baby Changing bag that would be my ideal of perfect that could also give their Motherknot collection a run for their money; yet here i am idolising the ‘ mum on the run bag.’ ironic eh?

Coco Bow Mum on the Run Bag

Now, the Mum on the Run Changing bag is the first in Coco Bows collection to be made from Leather Look PU. Many people have a love or hate relationship with ‘faux’ leather but Coco Bow have defiantly done their research and sourced the higher quality grade PU available as in my opinion this bag is as close to Leather without being the real thing that you will surely find.The leather look fabric has given the bag much more versatility and has enabled them to open up the collection to a much broader audience including Vegans!.

The Mum on the Run bag retails for £112 and  is sold directly from CocoBow.  Coco Bow have been generous enough to let my lovely readers have a whopping £10 off ANY bag using the code PAIGE10 so click here to head over to their website and get shopping.

Main Features Of The Bag:

  • Removable lining with four expandable pockets and a zip pocket
  • inner zip pocket, which can be used without removable lining
  • Generous sized front pouch
  •  Easy accessible back zip pocket ( ideal for phone, keys)
  • Mini Sized zip pocket at the front of the bag (perfect for small items such as spare change, cards and lipstick ladies!)
  • Studs on the bottom of bag to protect it when on the floor
  • Lined with Cocobow’s ‘Bow’ logo interior throughout the inside of the bag
  • Unique Tassle Chain
  • Iconic Coco Bow logo Keyring
  • Protective dust bag to keep bag in


To give you all an idea on how deceiving the size of this bag is, here is a list of things I carry with me on a day-to-day basis:

  1. TWO Sippy cups 13942729_10157331368250014_1968873207_n
  2. TWO changes of clothes
  3. WetWipes and 4 nappies
  4. TWO sets of snacks
  5. Large purse
  6. keys
  7. Phone
  8.  Pen
  9. Mini hairbrush
  10. Feminine Products
  11. Binky and Muslin
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Jacobs Glasses case
  14. Lipstick ( of course)

For me this bag houses the essentials and extras too. I envision this fitting in with a Parent family of one baby right up to a family with Two toddlers ( like myself) or families with slightly elder children too. As always Coco Bow never fail with sophistication and style and create the perfect bag for stay at mum homes and working ones also providing ease with the removable lining which lets you take this bag from home to office and back again without the hassle in-between.

I hope you enjoy my Changing bag review series as much as i have been trialling them for you. As always if you have anymore question please get in contact.

Thanks for Reading, and Thankyou to Coco Bow for sending us out your Mum on the Run Bag to Review.


Disclaimer- This bag was Sent to me For an honest and impartial review. All opinions are mine and have not been influenced in any manner.




Coco Bow ‘Dawn’ by Motherknot Review

 Cocobow are an  Award Winning company who create Real Leather changing bags. The designer Katie,  is a mother of two which enabled her to create exactly what parents need in a changing bag all while keeping the quality and design at its core.

With that in mind i have the highly anticipated Dawn bag to review by Motherknot-Cocobow. The bag comes in two Designs, ‘Dawn‘ a Classic tan  and ‘Aalin’a Light Grey, Both are made from luxurious top grade Cowhide leather.



Main Features of the Bag:

  • Dustbag for storing
  • Long extendable Shoulder Strap
  • Four large expandable pockets and internal zip
  • Generous  zipped pocket on the backside of the bag
  • Removable lining
  • Travel Changing mat sporting the Motherknot Logo to match the interior of the bag
  • Studded Bottom to protect the bag when placing it on the floor
  • Stroller Straps
  • Mother knot Bag Tag in leather
  • Twist Lock closing buckle

Dimensions: 38W x 29H x 12 D

Dawn’ really does speak for itself in terms of quality and this is coming from a Mummy bag’oholic as this must be at least my fifth or sixth try at finding the ‘perfect one’. The Motherknot collection is a Show stopper for sure and you will have to get used to the undivided attention it gets from passes by while your out. With a Brood of two13224339_10156963798960014_1040957828_o young children, i needed a bag that could provide the space for me to carry their essentials in all while dodging the clunky  ‘overmumsy’ look ,for me this bag ticks all the boxes.    The removable lining is probably my favourite feature this bag has as it  means i can whip it out and leave it at home if I’m running errands, but still have use of this super stylish bag without anyone even knowing that its main purpose is a changing bag.

The step up this bag brings is the stunning Motherknot Logo interior and matching changing bag. I love the meaning behind the design which  represents the  Celtic symbol of Motherhood, Two hearts entwined with no beginning and no end, shows the unbreakable bond between Mother and Child, it truly is more than just an elegant bag.




The Lovely people at COCOBOW have Given you, my readers £10 off ANY cocobow bag using the code PAIGE10 so i suggest you go and have a peep over at their website by clicking here. Dawn retails at £249 however if you put this into perspective of daily use for not only your childs younger years but the additional years of use as a handbag it provides then the price is without a doubt justifiable.

Thats all from me now but i just want to say a big Thanks to COCOBOW for sending me ‘dawn’ to review and to you my lovely Readers.



Pink Lining Twice as nice bag – cream bows on red

Today I will be reviewing Pink Linings twice as nice bag in the colour cream bows on red.

This bag retails at £85 or $145 direct from the pink lining store, to purchase or browse  just click on the link

The bag features two zipable outside pockets, the front one as pictured above is decorated in a stitched nature design with two prams and two lovebirds in the tree, it is useful for storing all our mummy essentials, such as our keys, phone and debit or credit cards in the internal card holder. The outer back pocket is fabulous for storing the pink lining wipeable changing mat and wet bag pictured below.

The bag also includes two handy elasticated pockets at either end of the bag, again useful for storing a toddlers sippy cup and a drink for yourself.

The bag is lined with pink linings signature hot pink fabric, again this is easily wipeable for any spills that may occur.

This bag includes plenty of storage pockets including one zipable compartment, two insulated bottle pockets with two extra insulated bottle holders keep bottle warm or cold for 4 hours, the bottle Holders Velcro on and off the inside of the bag (not pictured currently in use) and 4x large pockets which I use for storing my toddlers nappies and wipes one side and my newborns nappies and wipes the other. The bag also comes with a pen holder, key fob, mirror and an internal phone pocket.

Pink linings twice as nice bag also features a removable adjustable strap perfect for wearing over the shoulder or across the body as a messenger bag. It also includes regular handles on the bag with an added popper fastener perfect for attaching to your pram or travel system.

Pros of using PL Twins bag

– Large perfect for twins or two children close in age.

– Water resistant and wipeable.

– Comes with a travel changing mat and wetbag ( I use my wetbag for bringing along baby spare clothes)

– Plenty of internal pockets to keep things organised and easy accessible.

Cons of the PL Twins bag

– Bulky when just popping out or only looking after one child.

– The canvas on the bag ( outside front pocket and underneath the bag) gets dirty easily, but marks are easily removed using a stain remover spray and a scrub.

In my opinion this bag truly lives up to its name of being perfect for someone with two children. It’s made to a high standard with its consumers needs met, and the designs and colours available for this bag are beautiful.

UNITED KINGDOM pink lining store currently have the options of cream bows on red ( pictured above) sunflower, cottage garden, Dalmatian and birdcage.

UNITED STATES Pink lining store are currently offering the same as the UK store as listed above.

If you have anymore questions regarding this bag the please leave your questions below and I will answer them for you.

Thanks for reading my loves xox
*Disclaimer- this bag was not sent to me nor is this a sponsored review, these views and opinions are my own* 

Goldwell Elixir

Here I am sharing my review on Goldwells hair Elixir.

This is a “versatile hair oil suitable for all hair types.”

Let’s talk about the packaging first, it arrives in a simple black box with the classic Goldwell gold text detailing. The bottle itself is plastic but I find it still has a very classic image to it, I also like the fact I can pack this in an overnight bag or suitcase without worrying about anything getting broken. ( pictured below)

 The hair oil is non sticky and is absorbed into the hair almost immediately.  I feel as if the oil is light weight and non greasy but still extremely moisturising on the hair.

The main ingredients are “cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol” as you can see they are the first mentioned on the ingredients list, therefore there is a bigger proportion of these ingredients in the hair oil.

Cyclopentasiloxane is a synthetically made ingredient and is extremely well-known within hair and beauty products. Cyclopentasiloxane’s job is to form a barrier over hair/skin adding an extra layer of protection. It does however accumulate onto the hairs surface over time, so I recommend using a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove build up so you can receive the best benefits when using this oil.

Dimethiconol is again a synthetically made ingredient as is part of the “Silicone family.” It’s job is similar to Cylopetasiloxane and just adds a sheen and gloss onto the hair while adding a layer of protection. Again use a clarifying shampoo to remove and reduce build up when using this hair oil.

One of the most beneficial ingredients in this hair oil is Argan and tamanu oil. Argan oil is deeply moisturising and nourishing. Argan is plant-based so can be used for/ in cooking when it’s in its left at its simplest form. ( please do not try to cook with your elixir oil, it will not end well.) Tamanu oil is a seed based oil and has well-known properties that regenerate, strengthen and protect the hair.

When pumped onto your hand using the plastic pump nozzle, you notice it is colourless so will leave no colour or tint behind on your hair.

 I can’t express how much I love this hair oil, I use it on a daily basis just to add a bit of moisture to my bleached ends, but also apply it onto my hair after shampooing and conditioning. You can even apply this oil prior to shampooing for a pre poo treatment, or add it to your conditioner for an added boost.

Have any of you used this oil before? How did you find it performed? Leave me a comment with your views and opinions.

Thanks for reading,




* DISCLAMIER this was not a sponsored review, I purchased this myself with the intention of leaving an honest and open review”

Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips

Todays quick review is on Dr lipps original nipple balm for lips.
This nifty little balm uses 100% pure and natural ingredients and contains “Lanolin” which is the major factor in all nipple balms/creams. image

This balm retails at £12 for a 15ml tube, which is small however this balm is lovely and thick and a sparse amount really does go along way.

There are many uses for this balm some including:

– The obvious nipple balm for mum’s on the run.

– A quick fix lip moisturizer, it deeply hydrates and replenishes your lips.

– As a balm to hold those pesky eyebrows in place all day.

– Cheek shine, to highlight.

– To ease chafing in these summer months.

– Last minute shoe shine and polish.

As you can tell the possibilities with this little balm are endless.

I would recommend this product to a wide variety of people including all genders, albeit the packaging is a tad on the feminine side. It has become a staple in my bag and on my beauty counter.

*DISCLAMIER This was not sent to me nor is this a sponsored post, this is just my review and opinion on the product**
For more information or to Purchase this product please visit

Pink Lining cottage garden mini messenger

Here is the beautiful Pink Lining mini messenger, however that’s where the love ends.

I do adore the cottage garden print, it has incooperated spring and summer beautifully. 

This bag comes with two outer pockets and one main. The outer  stores the changing mat and wipes one side, with a zip pocket the other to store all your mummy essentials- phone keys, lippy etc. The main pocket inside has a detachable bottle holder and a generous sized nappy pouch to help keep things in order. The inner lining is the Pink Linings signature “hot pink”, which compliments the bags print perfectly.

As an avid Pink Lining fan I was so disappointed with this bag for the fact that the strap cannot be worn across the body if your anywhere near 5ft9-10 as it awkwardly hangs against my hips. I ordered this bag for ease with running round with two under two but it has left somewhat to be desired.. Pink Linings  mum on the run bags come with a matching mini changing mat however this bag costs £10 extra and comes only with a shocking pink mat, I feel they have compromised the bags quality just to save their company a few penny’s. 

Please improve the adjustable strap to accommodate us taller Mummas pink lining so we can actually wear the bag like a messenger bag should be worn.

Happy reading loves xox
*EDIT* Pink Lining have been in touch and are sending out a replacement strap, for these reasons I would say I am more than happy to now use this bag and will let everyone know how I get one with it in a few weeks.